Fire Your Excuses Surrounding Your Blind Spots and Weaknesses: Emotional Intelligence and Personal Excellence in Health Care

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September 05, 2019

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Thursday, September 05, 2019

6:00 p.m. - Dinner

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Ever feel as if you have hit an emotional or professional plateau?  Has your career become stale? Are you still as effective as you were in earlier years? Come and learn the techniques and strategies to staying emotionally and relationally healthy and continuing to develop your skills in the health profession.  Join us, connect with great colleagues and be inspired!


  • A Case Study: How top health professionals lose their personal, professional and emotional momentum--The story of a great doctor who knew too much to fail (but did.)
  • Asking the questions we have stopped asking:  The one technique that will transform your interdisciplinary and colleague relationships, reduce conflict, and turbocharge your impact as a health care provider.
  • Responding to professional and personal weaknesses. Should you repair them or side-step them?  (It depends!)
  • It’s what you don’t see and hear that will end your forward motion and rob you of career satisfaction. The story of the London Blitz and how strategic sessions of coaching and emotional intelligence training can change how you work forever.


Have you ever learned that you have a blind spot or significant weakness in a certain key area?   It doesn’t feel good to learn you have been “missing the mark” relationally, emotionally or professionally for years, but just didn’t know it.  The antidote to having a defect that goes undetected, through much or all your working life, is careful attention to seeking feedback about your blind spots and weaknesses.

George is a talented physician who has always wanted to become medical director.  When he is turned down, yet again, his family shares in his disappointment and anger.  Isn’t he the best doctor in the hospital?  While most of his colleagues would agree, this is not the reason he is overlooked. The truth is he lacks core emotional intelligence competencies needed for the role of medical director.  If his family knew the real reason why he did not get the job, they would immediately understand as they experience him the same way.   Unless George gets the feedback he needs about his blind spots and weaknesses, he has no chance of ever moving into the position he feels “born for,” one in which he believes he could do much good.

In this presentation, we will explore stories of professionals, just like you, who have made the decision to learn new skills and become more honest with their untapped abilities, emotional intelligence competency levels, and their limits. We will look at what works and what doesn’t.  It doesn’t take a lot of time or resources to transform your emotional, professional and interpersonal skills, but it does take courage and attention.  Come and learn how!

Note: For the maximum benefit, it is suggested that attendees take the free Fire Your Excuses Self-Assessment at  before the presentation.

About Your Speaker

Dr. Bill Dyment, a clinical psychologist, is a leading expert in permanent change.  He is the co-author of Fire Your Excuses, a ground-breaking book and self-assessment highlighting our eight most common excuses and our current potential for change.  In 2018, he launched, “Leap Year:  One week to an extraordinary next year,” his new executive coaching course and community. He is currently working on his next publication:  The Complete Guide to Executive Coaching, due out later this year.

To date, Dr. Bill has delivered 2840 presentations to 517 organizations including hundreds of hospital audiences, many in Orange County. Dr. Bill currently presents seminars, serves as an executive coach and counselor, and consults with hospital and medical organizations experiencing change, including Hoag Memorial and St. Joseph Health Systems. In addition, he is a popular radio guest and frequently interviewed on


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